Video Strategy: Why and Where to Post Videos Online

Studies show that the most common fear shared by all humankind is the fear of public speaking. Death, bankruptcy, and spiders apparently cannot compare with a little bit of group communication.

So why on earth would anyone, in their right mind, voluntarily film themselves speaking and disseminate that recording to the public?

Answer: efficient exposure.

Video Strategy and Increased Exposure

Every social media platform is different, but most of them currently share a key commonality: each social network feels the need to promote video while it is still booming.

With the advent and epic rise of YouTube's popularity and active user numbers, it has become clear to all other companies in the social media industry that video is the key to success going forward.

This is, in large part, because videos are more engaging and have the ability to keep users on site for much longer periods of time than blogs, images, etc.

You may be wondering at this point how you could actually get over your inhibitions and start filming today. It isn't easy, but it is definitely worth it.

I'm going to discuss 4 relevant social media platforms, and how to create amazing video content for each that will grow your exposure and explode your following.

Let's start off with the big one.


This is the second-largest website on the internet today, right behind Google. It is also the largest repository of video on the planet, and the go-to library for most of the world.

YouTube is still very much the king of video, and the entire reason that video is spreading across all platforms rapidly.

While it may be more difficult than ever to actually start a channel and lead it to monetary success, YouTube remains the #1 place to park your original video content.

What Kind of Videos Should Be Posted on YouTube?

  1. Higher quality videos with a clear purpose

  2. Edited and well-composed videos

  3. Information too visual for a blog

  4. Personal vlogs and video journals

  5. How-to videos

YouTube is a much more polished video library than the other social media platforms mentioned below. For this reason, it takes a whole lot more time to ideate, film, and edit a great clip here.

Who Should Post Videos on YouTube?

This platform really is for the creative, disciplined, and technical crowd. You will fall by the wayside if your videos aren't well-crafted and unique.

Businesses would also be wise to use YouTube as a big part of their video strategy, but make sure you hire someone to handle it for you. 


It is well-known that the original social network is trying its hardest to catch up as a video platform. 

Maybe you have noticed in the past few years that more and more of your feed is filled with videos. This is not by accident.

In fact, until recently Facebook has been organically boosting videos and giving them more authority than normal text/image posts. This has ended, as has any semblance of organic reach on Facebook for anything.

That said, the most effective use of videos for Facebook comes through paid efforts.

What Kind of Videos Should Be Posted on Facebook?

  1. Snippets of YouTube videos

  2. Videos specifically made for ads

Who Should Post Videos on Facebook?

Anyone with a Business page on Facebook should be utilizing video as part of their paid strategy. Running ads with square video produces an estimated 50% lower cost, along with 45% more engagement.


You may have heard the news: Instagram recently launched IGTV, a long-form video platform integrated into the Instagram app.

Again, we see a pattern of social media companies moving toward video like a moth to the zapping light. 

This platform, more than any other currently, has the most potential for growth and success. It is so new that jumping on now is the equivalent of jumping on to Facebook video in the beginning.

This is your biggest opportunity for standing out and growing an audience, because it isn't overly saturated with influencer - yet.

What Kind of Videos Should Be Posted on Instagram?

  1. Vertical videos that take up your full phone screen

  2. Long-form personal videos

  3. Talking head videos

  4. Personal vlogs

  5. Ad videos

These videos can be up to 10 minutes long, so there is a lot of opportunity to create beautifully unique vertical videos.

Who Should Post Videos on Instagram?

More than any other platform, Instagram is made for personal content. Your videos would be well-served to capitalize on this.

Businesses on Instagram can also find great success through video ads and advertising via Stories.


I know what you're thinking: "The resume site? Why on earth would anyone make videos on a site for recruiters and job postings?"

First of all, you need to understand what LinkedIn really is all about.

It is NOT just for:

  • job hunting

  • recruiting

  • resumes

In fact, these functions make up only a small fraction of LinkedIn's main purpose. The reality of this powerful network lies in its community.

LinkedIn is the most powerful community of employed (and unemployed) people, coming together to discuss a part of our lives that makes up more than 60% of our time on earth.

I am only going to say this once, so pay close attention: if you want to grow an audience quickly that actually cares about your content deeply, LinkedIn is easily the best place to do it.

Video is being pushed like crazy on this platform, and you don't have to worry about SEO. 

What Kind of Videos Should Be Posted on LinkedIn?

  1. Inspirational videos

  2. How-to and instructionals

  3. Opinion-based videos

Who Should Post Videos on LinkedIn?

Anyone with a job, or aspirations for a job, should be posting video content on the professional network. 

This video content will be 10X more powerful than a resume, and 20X more interesting to put together.

So Where Will You Be Making Your Videos?

No matter which platform you decide, I encourage you to take video seriously. It has been established as the most engaging type of content online, and it isn't going away.

Take action! Start filming videos and get your ideas out there today.