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Evening Pages: Why I’m Getting Started

This is the first night of undertaking this new concept of writing Evening Pages. I want to document my life in a way that doesn’t come across as self-aggrandizing, and I also want to avoid regurgitating my day-to-day activities.

Instead, I hope to pass on the things that I’m learning through my failures and successes.

So what are “Evening Pages”?

Every evening, I’m going to think about something valuable I learned or experienced that day. My goal is to share that with whomever cares to read. I want it noted here that, at no point, will I be trying my hand at being wise.


These notes will be extremely indicative of the life I’m leading: imperfect, failure-ridden, and utterly human.

And that’s the way (uh huh, uh huh) I like it.

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